Is this probate info I obtained useless?

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yesterday I made it down to my county probate courthouse, a bit nervous this being my first visit. Had no problem getting in and being seen to the records room. First problem.. computers were down and had been down for the past couple weeks. Next I decided to check the books for recent probate cases, but the books were only updated until 2010. Thinking I struck out this time I started to head out but noticed a binder in the desk that said "probate court docket index by case name/descendants estates" they had the cases in this binder dating back from August 2014 to current. So thinking that was my only hope I copied the files and left. Which I think I struck out again because out of these several hundred pages only the estates owners names are listed and not the petitioners/admins/executors nor the addresses. My question is, is there any way to turn these "sadly deceased" estate owners into leads? 

@Michael Walker  if i was you, i would send out letters to all those people and see what happens 

good luck

Thanks Mark! That was definitely an option.

I'm puzzled. If you are hunting for leads and find yourself at the lead store (aka probate court), then what info were you expecting to collect in the first place?

You are gathering names for which you will plant seeds and harvest later.

Since you probably don't know how to read files efficiently (yet), you need to become familiar with the terminology and understand the relationships between parties. Also, his to scour files and vet the low shot from the high shot opportunitues.

Learn to market in a straight forward manner. Go knock in some doors. Be helpful. Talk to people. Walk in their moccasins so as to understand their issues empathetically. 

And do what you say you're going to do. You'll stand out from the crowd. 

In my county I can go to the county recorders website and search all probates/ executors. Your county may or may not have a website where you can get this info. I would call the county recorders office and ask them how you would get this info. Often times they don't understand your question so you have to find out a different way to ask you question.

This is what my county recorder's website looks like.

Thanks for your input Rick. To be clear I went to the probate court to the names of the petitioners/administrators/executors of the recent probate estates in my county. And what I got was a list of the deceased owners. I could have gotten that out of the obituaries. My point was I went there with a goal in mind and came up a few documents short because of the computers being down. Had they been up I'm sure I would have gotten everything I needed to send my letters straight to the source.  

thank you Stanley my county doesn't have online access. But I will definitely keep looking to see if I maybe left a stone unturned. Thanks for sharing the link. That's awesome and convenient in your county!! 

@Michael Walker  

Hi Michael!  Are you new to investing?  New to BP? Are you familiar with GaREIA?  Sometimes they have probate classes there.

@Todd Campbell

hey Todd! Yes I am new to investing and to BP. I have located the GaREIA and I'm definitely planning on joining. Sad to say it's just not that easy for me to throw that $250 fee out there at this time. But I know once I join, that $250 will be a great investment. 

@Michael Walker  

Yeah man, the vast majority of my knowledge, education, and experience has been through that organization!  I lead the SouthSide group for them.  We meet the first Wed of the month at the Piccadilly in College Park on Old Nat'l Hwy/Godby Rd at 6:30 pm.  You're more than welcome to come out next week and network with the other investors!

@Todd Campbell  

I appreciate that Todd! Once I get the joining fee out of the way I will definitely be in attendance. Is there a visitors fee or I have to be a member to attend?

No, guests can come to my meeting for FREE.  No need to wait, join us next Wed, 2/4/15 at 6:30 pm!!

awesome! Count me in! Thanks a million for the invite! 

@Michael Walker  It may not all come together from one trip the courthouse.

If you are committed to this business, then it was just an unsuccessful expedition. That's not a permanent situation. Does every date result in a marriage? Fortunately, not for most people.

Even after you do get court data, you'll need to vet and segment your lists into priority and high-shot leads and focus your attention on those opportunities.

I had some guy contact me off these BP forums who wanted to sell nationwide probate leads. He became impatient with me, hurled insults and burned any chance of my ever letting him promote on these forums without vigorous back channel counter-measures. Too bad, because the service might have been beneficial, but ain't gonna happen now. 

Thanks Rick! I'm definitely staying committed to this. 

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