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I am just starting out as a wholesaler working probates mainly for the past few weeks. We have gone to visit a couple of homes but haven't closed our first deal. I just spoke with a woman that wants us to come out next Saturday to look at her home.

Before we got off the phone she gave me her email address and asked me to send her my credentials. I told her I was a private investor and she said it would just make her feel comfortable having me over and in her home if she had some information on me...

Should I send her some references I have in the real estate industry? What would you do here?


Send her whatever you have. She is telling you she is not comfortable with you. It is your job to make her comfortable. If you don't you can forget about getting her to sign a contract. In fact, she may not even open the door when you get there.

I would create a resume and include references. If you have a linkedin include that as well. 

@Jeremy Ferguson  

Great idea @Lamontay Garrett . Yes send her a resume if you don't have an LLC yet. Do you have an LLC? Women have to cautious when allowing a stranger to come to their home. I am closing on a deal in Durham with one of my trainees this week. We will make a 15k profit on this wholesale. Just make her feel she can trust you. You have to give her something. I'm sure you have a resume, if not make one asap!

Yes of course I have a resume and a professional LinkedIn page where she can see my face and work history. I didn't know if I should send her anything else. My day to day work is very different from this, so I was hesitant to include it.

I ended up sending her my LinkedIn profile and then two references in the real estate industry for now.

Sounds like you did the right thing. Good luck on that deal! 

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