Do you screen your yellow letter return calls?

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When you start getting return calls from a mailing campaign do you screen your calls with a voice mail or do you answer as many calls as possible? It seems to me screening calls could save you time from angry owners who want you to take them off your list but could cost you a lead if they hang up and call someone else.

Hi Eric,

This is an ongoing debate and you'll have people on both sides of the aisle on this one. Some answer every call to make sure they don't miss a lead. Others screen all calls to avoid wasting time with angry homeowners or those who just want to be removed from their list.

I would recommend trying one approach for awhile, then try the other and see which one works best for you.



One other option will be hiring someone to answer the calls for you and sort out the good the bad and the ugly!!!

I'm sure someone here with experience could shine a light on this particular subject?


We send around 1500 Yellow Letters out a month. We let them all go to voice mail. I do work a 9-5 so that limits what I can answer live. I have tried both approaches. 

Answering live: You don't know who/what/where. You have to deal with frustrated people more often. Some people don't leave messages so answering live is a plus. If someone truly is DESPERATE and they have 2 yellow letters what are they going to do if you don't answer? Call the other guy. If he answers... He gets the deal.

Voice mail: You call them back when you are ready. You have to be diligent and make it a priority. Keep your list in an excel document so you can look up by name if they don't give you an address. I like to call back and say , "Howdy ______ I got your message. This was on the ___bed ____bath at _______. I was hoping you would call! How can I help you?" That seems more personal vs. who is this? What's the address? Etc. Down side playing phone tag. People who don't leave a vm.  

Really generic you want it to sound like a person not a company. Hello This is Ryan sorry I missed your call if you can leave me a voicemail I'll give you a call back as soon as possible. With a yellow letter you are making it look like you mailed ONLY THEM and want THEIR house. 

@Ryan Dossey  

That makes sense. I was planning on asking for them to leave their address too but I guess that defeats the whole purpose of making it look like you only mailed to them. So do you just cross reference the names left in voicemails to your lead list?

That is correct. I would say that 90% of the time they say something "identifying" in their voice mail. "This is Mr.___________" You sent me a letter about my home at "_________". Or something similar. 

I agree with @Eric Black  , this is really a personal option type thing. If you want to answer all the calls, go for it. You will catch every lead, expand your vocabulary with curse words like a pirate, and maybe even meet some really cool people. On the other hand, you might miss a few leads, have the option to delete a message as soon as you hear a curse word, and maybe even meet some really cool people...

Give them both a shot and see what works best in your market bro.

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