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Hi everyone,

So I started sending out yellow letters to Non Owner Occupied out of state owners. I am looking for a good script to have when I start receiving calls... Anyone have a good one to recommend?

"Thank you calling Pizza Hut. How may I help you?"

I don't use scripts but I'm really hungry so I typed that lol. Good luck @Kevin C.  

Lol, @Chaz Reid  do you have a list of questions then?.. 

I have a better idea. How we brain storm up some together for you? You send me three questions that you think need to be answered and I'll do the same. We can go back and fourth until you're satisfied.

I'm trying to get you to avoid sounding like a drive thru and build as much as a relationship with the seller as possible. Makes sense?

Do you think your chances of getting something under contract with improve sounding like a tape recording or sound like you genuinely care about helping them out?

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