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I'm trying to send out letters and post cards to absentee owners so I can start wholesaling deals and make a impact. What can/should I put on these card to atteract the eye of the home owner? Are there any key words recommended? any help given is greatly appreciated!

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if you were the home owner, what would you want to see?

I own multiple multi family properties and get a couple a week and don't care what color they are, they're all a waste of time as I never look at unsolicited inquiries .  If someone stopped over, I'd politely talk to them but mass marketing doesn't work for anyone who has any basic understanding.   I even get calls from realtors frequently saying they have someone interested in my duplex and when I ask them which one, they stutter and say-any-LOL

Unfortunately there is no magic "key word" or phrase that goes into these letters or cards. Its a numbers game and you have to realise that right off the bat.....with that being said I would highly recommend coming up with your own message as to why someone would want to call you over the other 6 letters they already received. Marketing is not easy....if it was everyone would be getting leads all day long.

Originally posted by @Bruce Runn :

  If someone stopped over, I'd politely talk to them but mass marketing doesn't work for anyone who has any basic understanding.   

 This is completely false. Mass marketing works very well for people  who have an understanding of it.


@Jeff Fairchild It may work well for those sending as there are people out there who don't actually know the value of their property or that they have options via realtors to maximize their value.  My point is a seasoned investors who are in the business and own multiple properties  don't espond to mass marketed mailings.  We actually know where to go to sell a property and it isn't to an unsolicited letter.  I'm not discouraging it as a strategy, just that if you are sending them to people who know what they are doing, you aren't going to get a response.

Sending letters is not not a waste of time because Bruce doesn't look at them. The fact is not everyone has the option to maximize their value, and that person is who the letters are meant for, not seasoned investors.

Most people aren't going to respond to mass marketing and that's a good thing. If everyone in America who saw a car commercial on television called to let Honda know they don't want to buy a car, they'd have to hire a few more customer service reps.

@Bruce Runn The whole point in direct mail/yellow letters is not to find deals with investors, so in that instance you are quite correct, the vast majority of investors will not be interested. Where they ARE effective is when they get into the hands of someone who for whatever reason cannot/will not sell through the usual channels.

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