Where do I send my letters to?

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Hello everyone. So, I've been looking into giving wholesaling a try, I've been watching videos, reading and listening to the podcasts on wholesaling and I don't think it would hurt to just give it a try. I'm going to start by generating some leads through direct mail. But I have a quick question.

What routes should I have my letters sent to? How do you choose your market? Like, should I look on zillow for the area with the most homes for sale or recently sold or should I aim for the neighborhoods that have no activity? Please help.

Thanks in advance. 

@Jonathan Perez you send letters where the flippers and buy and hold people want to own houses right now. Don't send them to areas that are already mostly renovated but emerging areas within your market. Do your research find out where the flippers are. The key to your marketing is persistence and consistence. You should mail for at least 6 months to the same list that is when you'll get deals 

Hey Jonathan

I think it depends on who your target market is? If your focusing on absentee owners, then you may want to look at public tax records to get a listing. You can driver for dollars and look for distressed properties and reach out to the owners. It really all depends on who your targetting. 

Hi Charles,

Just curious, about finding absentee owners through public tax records.  Are you simply searching for property owners of a particular area and then identifying owners with an address out of state? 



@Charles Rivers

Yes, the list you get will have the owners in state address and out of state address. You would mail it to their out of state address. Did this answer your question? Let me know. 

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