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I'm having trouble finding sellers. I been putting ads on Craigslist and driving for dollars mailing letters to owners with different address. I Ordered car magnets for my car should be here this week. I've done bandit signs and Business cards. Any other advice to find motivated sellers? I'm thinking about getting a website but do I need one for starting out? Also can I wholesale properties that are in forclosure? I'm building my buyers list but I'm slowing down because I have no leads. Help me out BP!!! Thanks

@Marcus Mccluster

 Are you getting any calls or contacts with any of them?  Or have they just not turned into deals yet?

I did one mailing campaign to absentee owners I got a few calls none turned into deal. How many more times should I mail to that same list. My signs I had one call guy had a vacant lot but I don't know anything about lots yet. And that's about it. My craigslist ad I haven't had any calls from that yet. 

Mail it until they tell you to stop or add it into a rotation.

I'm new so as far as postcard I know how to mail. But how and where can I upload and use my own letter for direct mail. To much to do myself

I was just going to comment on your question about whether you need a website starting out.

Do you need one?  No, not necessarily.  Would it help?  Probably.

You don't have to spend a lot on one.  You can even get a free one.  There are a couple ways it can help.  One, it builds credibility.  You're no longer just some random, faceless entity sending out junk mail, but can look like a real business and even personalize it and include information about yourself so they know they're dealing with a real person.

A second benefit is that it's low-pressure.  Picking up the phone and calling could mean getting into a conversation with a pushy salesman that will talk them into something they don't want.  A website, on the other hand, is low pressure.  They can get the information they need comfortably and send you their info.

Everyone is different.  Some people like talking on the phone.  Some people hate it.  Some people prefer visiting a website, others don't.  If you include a website address on your mailings, some people might visit it who wouldn't have picked up the phone.

@Marcus Mccluster

 You want to make sure you have a targeted list and continue to follow up every three to six weeks with different marketing pieces. Follow up for at least six months.

Just following up to see if you've had any better success recently.  Are you keeping your marketing message consistent?  Typically, people have to see a marketing message many times before acting on it.  If you keep changing your message, it's like starting over every time.

Are there lots of other investors advertising in those same spots?  If so, what stands out as different in your message?

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