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Hello! Starting a Wholesaling Business with a partner and have a few questions. Should we have an LLC in order to facilitate the initial transaction of getting the property under contract? Is there a significant benefit to building and having a website associated with the business, as opposed to not having one? Are there any service providers that we need to have in place in advance of a transaction to assist with the wholesale transaction (i.e., Attorney, Accountant, etc)? Any insight to these questions as well as any information that may be helpful for us as we're starting out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You should have a professional licensed CPA / Attorney assist you with how to structure your business with a partner. Sure we can give your our coin(s) on the matter but its best to make the final decision after securing professional input of all of the pros and cons for various types of entity structuring and the likes of in whichever State(as laws and costs vary by State)and so forth....



Thanks Brian! Does it matter which state I form the LLC in if I plan on doing deals outside of New York as well?

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