Found a vacant house. Looked up owner info on Property radar, now what?

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My husband and I found a vacant house in our neighborhood.  It has overgrown grass and a vacant tag in the mailbox.  I looked up the info on Property radar and it says the house is not in foreclosure.  Estimated value is $222,957 and loan balance is $90,500.  It has the names of the owners, but of course the address is of the house that is vacant.  What are ways of contacting the owner other than google search and Facebook?  What next?  

Look up the tax record on the website and see if there is a different address other than the vacant address. To find telephone #, know the owner's name and search thru to see if its there. No guarantee if the phone number is current.

@James she already has the tax record within PropertyRadar, it shows both the situs address and the mailing address, and I believe she is saying it is the same in this case.

@Rita Temple sounds like a great potential opportunity. The next step is to start "skip tracing" these folks. Lots of possible ways to do that. There are lots of sites online - I'd usually start with stuff like Facebook and LinkedIn (free), then move to sites like Zaba, PIPL, Whitepages, Spokeo, BeenVerified (all of which you can access from the  Owner Search dropdown in PR). Finally you could look to use tools like and Accurint, which are what professionals use (or hire a pro to do it for you). Also, sometimes something like a simple google search will show something like an obituary which may explain why an owner occupied home is vacant. Lot's more from that point, but finding them is the next step.

I did Zabba and it brought his name up.  Hopefully it's the same guy.  His name is kind of common.   I also searched the county property tax and he paid the property taxes just last week. 

You don't need to search too far. After seeing the property information at the website of your city or county assessor (county website better), on this same page online:

1) Click Property search by address.
2) put in the address, then look for the list of TAX years payment.
3) Click the side of the property parcel ID, click on the current year tax payment, then click GO or press ENTER

4) Click SAVE, then click "OPEN FOLDER." Inside your computer document list, this latest SAVE will show/pop-up as REPORT.PDF file and be alighted. 
5) Right click on this SAVE name (report.pdf) or link, and select "Open with  ADOBE READER."
6) Once this PDF file opens, you will see the property owner's name and his current address where the current tax bills and receipts are been sent by the county

Your computer must have Adobe acrobat or latest adobe reader on it before or for this report.pdf file to open, else, it will not open.

Good luck

Thank you all for responding and helping me out with this.    I called the county tax assessors office today and they have the same address as the vacant house as to where the bills are going.  I called the county recorder, and same thing.   So if the mail box at the house says vacant, I wonder if he has mail forwarding? 

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