Louisiana an attorney state?

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I am tried to google 'is Louisiana an attorney state?,' but I do not see a clear answer.  Would anyone know or know where to look to determine if an attorney can act as the title company? I hope I am wording this correctly.  

Yes, @Taylor West an attorney can perform all of the functions/services of a title company without being part of a title company in LA.

I tried to google***

Thanks Robert.  And for clarification, the attorney can write, approve, and legal perform the transaction of a wholesale between the seller, wholesaler, and buyer?

Mr.  West:

Not all Attorneys transfer real estate in their practice but, as Robert explained,  any attorney can.  Even a non attorney Notary Public can do  real estate transactions in Louisiana but, few will.   If you want Title Insurance on your transaction after a proper check of the Title, a Title company is your best bet in Louisiana

Mr. Hamilton,

Check, thanks for the heads up. 

Wholesaling is "unconventional" to the point that is too "out of the box" for a lot of people to accept as something other than a scheme of some sorts.  I've heard some old school real estate professionals refer to "doing assignments" and they were talking about what we know as wholesaling.   You may want to use that term to see if you get a different response from any attorney(s) you approach before you try doing any deals. 

You want to be certain that you and your attorney review any contracts or forms you intend to use before you try to do any deals.  You can find a form or "go by" for anything on the Internet and that doesn't make it legal in LA.  You have to learn what is legal and be disciplined in the terms you use and the practices you follow to keep what you are doing legal.

Thanks Robert.  I intend to try and set up some contacts prior making any deals.  Those contacts include a possible mentor, real estate attorney, buyers, etc.  I think this way it will prevent errors in any form. 

I also made contact with a former colleague who has done a few wholesale deals and have asked him to send me examples of what he has done already.

Tthanks again...sent from a phone, so please excuse any errors. 

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