Yellow Letter "Return to Sender"

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I've been sending out hand written yellow letters from my driving for dollars and just had my first few come back.  Two reasons:  "Return to sender vacant unable to forward" and"Return to sender not deliverable as addressed unable to forward"  

I mail to both the mailing address and the physical address.  My question is there somewhere I can find an updated address or are these dead leads besides leaving a door hanger?

@Adrian Smude did you have any success with this?

@Michael Quarles Hi Michael.  YellowLetters customer here.  I'm wondering when we skip trace are we suppose to skip trace the property address or the name on the mailing address?

@Ben G. I actually met an investor that will partner on these. I pass him the return mailer, he skip traces and if he's able to make a deal he splits it 50/50

I find the return to sender letters to be the best leads!  The mailperson writes VAC on letter

It tells me the property is vacant

I love vacant properties

I then research the previous homeowner anyway I can - google obituaries, family members, spokeo, whitepages.

Finding out what is going on with the property gets me a few steps ahead of other investors.

@Adrian Smude that's a pretty neat deal.  I'd like a local partner to work my returned mail leads.  They're piling up!

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