Where to locate Wholesale buyers?

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Hello! im New to Biggerpockets.com.

      I'm in the works of starting my own business that does a variety of things such as wholesale, buy properties that need work, also homes from people who don't want to deal with hefty realtor commissions, title issues, pre-forclosure.  Among other benefits as well as real estate investor options.

I am looking for any help or knowledge from people in the business already on wholesaling and looking for investors looking for wholesale properties as well as for flips and rehabs.  I have properties in my area that are great deals, just no buyers list yet. I am working in the Lake of The Ozarks  Missouri area and Central Illinois areas right now.    

I would like to know what you mean about  "Title Issues "?

Hey @Patrick Russell  Im new as well but I will share a bit of advice I received from a investor. I was focused on putting together my buyer's list as well and that has been kindda holding me back from moving forward with my business. She suggested just getting some properties under contract and the buyers will find you once you list it. Remember as a wholesaler we try to find properties not listed with motivated sellers and this appeals to buyers. So Im trying to contact sellers of distressed, vacant, or absentee owners and getting them under contract then posting ads on craigslist, backpage, even here in marketplace and as I communicate with potential buyers I am also creating a buyers list for future deals as well. Also dont forget to try to network at local reia meetings where you may have  a chance to rub elbows with buyers in your area.

Hope this helps some :)

Hi Clarence I appreciate the reply. Yes I have also been trying to build/ find buyers to get a list together. But its been a slow process so far in the process. But it will happen im sure of it! That is a good idea on getting properties under contract then look for the buyers. Question tho if the contract comes up and no buyers found yet does it go back to the seller or am I obligated to buy?  Also I would like to know how you are seeking out buyers or your strategies that have helped you in any ways? Thanks again your reply was helpful. 

go to your local rei meeting and make contacts with buyers, or hand out flyers on your wholesale deals, if its a real deal you will have plenty of buyers

my closest rei group is about an hour and a half away. I've emailed them tho and might make the trip for one of there meetings and see where it goes. Thanks Mike

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