How to find motivated sellers

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Direct mail is kind of what everyone does. The positive is that you can target your prospects. I'll leave it at that because it's a huge and important topic and you can spend hours on here researching direct mail.  

The negative is that its costly and if you're just cutting your teeth handling leads then you might look to cheaper marketing to get some practice. I started with bandit signs. At the time there were only 2 of us putting out signs in my market and I still didn't get very many leads and most were terrible. That being said I did get my first deal with them and people were calling me to network like buyers and other wholesalers. There was something about putting up signs that gave me some momentum and it was a fairly inexpensive way to practice talking to sellers. 

Full disclosure, some people really don't like signs and in some areas you might even be vulnerable to fines.

Hey check out podcast #18 I think, Danny Johnson is a San Antonio wholesaler and rehabber. He also has a book that's almost like an investor's diary that illustrates the day to day life of a successful investor. 

Also look up Jerry Puckett, he's a Texas wholesaler and marketing expert. A very knowledgeable and helpful guy.

I think everyone will agree that mail is the best strategy. D4d is a close second. 

When I first started out wholesaling bandit signs was my first marketing strategy and is something I still do just not as much just because it created a lot of leads but mostly home owners who were not having a lot of luck with a realator and still wanted full market value for their property. At this time I just started a direct mail campaign with a absentee list of 250 leads I got off a website, I used the yellow letter method that I hope works well for me.  With that being said start out with what you can afford and feel comfortable with dedication and hard work the leads will come..

Something I forgot to add, I done my first driving for dollars today and you wouldn't believe the leads you can gather, In a short amount of time , tomorrow I'm going to the court house to look up the home owners and add to my absentee list..

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@Christian Martinez So (considering also your posts elsewhere), does your singular question mean that you already have a long list of BUYERS who have cash burning a hole in their pockets - just waiting for YOU to get them deals under Contract?

(If not, then it's back to the drawing board for you)...

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