Which comes first?

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This i feel might be a matter of opinion, but it is something that I'm trying to see what your opinions are. While building a buyers list and calling bandit signs to cultivate a healthy list, should i already be marketing for potential sellers? or should i wait till i developed my list so i can market to specific areas?

It's a chicken & egg thing, really.  Yes, you should have some buyers identified, but start looking for motivated sellers ASAP.  It's easier to find a buyer if you have a deal.

A lot of people think you need to know what your buyers want, and that is true, but you can bet there are plenty of buyers for the basic 3/2/2 1,500 sq. ft. house (with an ARV that is below the median value for homes in your market). So start marketing ASAP.

Nothing happens until you get a fish on the hook.  Talking to buyers is kind of like talking to the other fishermen.  =)

@Dev Horn I like your analogy, it is certainly easier to see it that way, I am building my buyers list and in the meantime I will make sure to work on my motivated sellers, making sure I catch the big fat fish ! 

Thanks for your input.

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