Wholesaling/Contacting Cash Buyers

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When trying to find cash buyers should i send them info on a deal without first going under contract with the seller first. Risking that they'd go behind my back and close the deal with the seller?

@Jeremy Cade

If you have your CASH BUYERS ahead of time, you should know their criteria for structuring the deal. Plus you will create a relationship with them and when you have a deal they are simply a phone call away...

So if you are working on a deal I would suggest signing the contract 1st then bringing in the cash buyers, Im not saying that they will go behind your back, because if they want more deals from you or another Wholesaler they will like to keep their reputation positive and so will you the wholesaler!

Don't waste the Investors time with deals that are not deals...

Bring only good deals to the table and you wont have a hard time finding a buyer.

Hope it helps?

Jose Tamayo Jr.

Endow Investing