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If a house is for sale by a realtor and listed as a fixer uppper, is this a good property to persue.  Is it possible to try to assign a property when it is listed by a realtor or is it best to focus on for sale by owner when trying to assign a propery. After cheking into records I see that both owners are deceased and the property is still listed in there names on the county website as owners.  They do have surviving adult kids but the house as of now is still listed under the decesed parents names and they have been gone for a few years.  This seems like a possible motivated seller.  your thoughts

You are really asking several, very different questions.

Is a property is a good candidate to pursue? If the owner is deceased, you'll need to contract with someone who has the capacity, powers and authority to pass (transfer) title.

This has little to do with whether the opportunity is potentuslly orofitable or not. Nor does it relate to how you plan to profit or benefit.

Ought the sellers be motivated? Not if they're dead. Only the person(s) in charge of an estate might be motivated. Or, they may not be in any hurry.

And then there's the issue of a real estate listing. Does it show as 'active' in the MLS? It may be expired listing or non-binding contract listed by former deceased owner. Only guessing since you haven't really made that clear.

It may be listed by an executor or admin of the estate. Attempting to acquire while listed might be construed as contractual interference. If you are a cash buyer, that's one thing. If you are trying to control a property by assigning a contract to an end user buyer,

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