Google voice call data exporting to Excel?

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I sent a recent mailer and was trying to make sure I had contacted everyone who called my google voice number. I thought it would be easy to get my call records for the last 2 weeks exported into Excel so I can verify I returned all my calls, track status, etc. but I am having trouble.

I followed the directions here

and at first it looked like it worked great, but it did not. I went back through all my voicemails for the last 2 weeks to verify accuracy and I had 5 voicemails from numbers which were not on my exported spreadsheet (either as received, missed, or placed calls). There are also numbers on my list where it only shows either placed or received calls when I know there were calls back and forth. I am afraid missed calls are not recorded as well. I fear the accuracy of this data is no good. Also, there are numbers on my exported and converted data which never called me, so I have no idea what happened there.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? 

I am worried I have missed leads and I was hoping to figure out which ones I missed with this method, but the data appears unreliable. 



I will bump this one time in hopes of a fix but I think there is not one.

1 more try because I still cannot figure this out.

Since Google voice is poor man's solution, I think it wise to consider using a commercial service provider. 

Personally, I'm tired of "free" technology which falls short and come to think if it any technology that fails to make my life easier by being easy to use. 

I don't have a free solution for your Google data QC import issue. We use FreedomVoice toll-free #'s with text. 

We do not chase people who fail to leave info or speak to call center operator. That's what strong marketing does: attract quality prospects and repeal the unwanted callers.

I use a call center for my callers. Costs me $100/mo + usage. I run a business. I chase dollars not watch pennies. 

You need to determine if your real problem is traffic or conversion related. 

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