Houston Wholesalers

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What's goin on BP fam?! 

This post is targeted for Houston Investors, but I'm definitely open to all feedback.

I'm a "newbie" wholesaler & I'm starting with only $1000 to my name. Before I just jump to marketing the way I think is best, I wanted to get the BP family's feedback on how y'all (I'm from Texas) think I should invest this $1,000 to find the most motivated sellers possible. I know $1,000 isn't a lot to start with, but I know I can make it grow. Thank y'all in advance!!

I'm sad to say, not a darn thing. Lol I actually ended up using that money to buy a car to flip. So.. Now I'm entering the car business. However, I'm 10x more passionate about real estate. I guess because you can make 10x the profit lol I've just been growing my buyers list so when I do begin marketing for properties, I won't have such a rough time getting an investor to jump on the deal. Are you already investing or will be soon?

Michael Batts I'm just seeing your response. I don't think you tagged me in your post.

But, I've been educating myself for a few months now on wholesaling and feel like I need to get going ASAP. I can feel myself falling into the "Analysis Paralysis" stage. So I will definitely be making a move.

Just wanted to say good luck to you both!  On a side note, a buyers list is great I am not knocking it.  But if you have a solid deal you can post it on BP and it will be gone within days if it even last that long.  Focus on getting the deal, the buyers will come to you in this market. 

@Jamie Wooley - Thank you! That is actually really awesome advice. :)

@Benjamin Blackburn - Sorry about that, I thought it automatically notified you when I replied. I definitely understand the "Analysis Paralysis" stage though, It's like the mind is never satisfied with the understanding it has.. It's always something more. We can learn WHILE we make the deals though. Let me know how your marketing is going! It's always great to have a circle of people that can keep you motivated towards your goals and vision.

Hello there @Diana Chau

Yes I actually made my move two months ago with a direct mail campaign.  I've been sending out about 250 pieces each month so far.  But will ramp it up this month to about 500 pieces.  I just want to have as much going out as possible to give me the best chances to get a deal.  I know I just have to stay faithful with the marketing and the deals will come.

I have been attending REIA meetings monthly as well meeting as many people as possible. Finally created a website, got my bandit cards made and market on Craiglist every other day for motivated sellers and building my buyers list simultaneously.

It's definitely been tough but I know it will pay off.  

Hello @Stephanie Ugboaja sorry for such a late response.  I basically bought a little canon PIXMA MG5622 printer and started printing them from home.  I created a yellow letter that I print on torn out sheets from a legal pad (dollar store).  I also sent a professional letter that a friend of mine sent me and a postcard I created.  Haven't really been that successful yet though.  Honestly, I need to be sending out a lot more mail.  i am getting my budget together now in order to make that happen.  I will then outsource the mailings and only print out my driving for dollars leads that i accumilate through time.  I will be purchasing an inheritance list this weeked from usleadlist.com which I heard was good.

Hope any of that helps and sorry for writing so much.  Have a great evening and feel free to reach out anytime.