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I guess I am at the point that all newbies eventually come to.  I have an appointment with a motivated seller and of course I am nervous. First of all I am having problems finding a purchase agreement to use for an assignment.  If anyone can help me to find the proper form for an assignment please do so.  I saw a form on bigger pockets but was not sure if it was a correct one to use in PA.  I am also wondering if it is proper to try to get someone on contract the first meeting or should you have the meeting then tell them you have to run some numbers and make the offer after you do some more due dilligence on the property.  This is a good property and it fits the 1% rule as far as cash flow and I don't want to let it slip through my hands so should I try to get it under contract on the spot? 

Can someone help me out with the Purchase Agreement issue?

Hi David,

I was having the same problem until I upgraded my membership to Pro and now have full access to the BP FilePlace. 

Of course these agreements should first be reviewed by your investor friendly attorney.

I am also forming my company, building a marketing machine, and will hit the street shortly. 

I heard dealmakerscafe also have free forms for you to check out.

Hope this helps. 


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