Can someone post a link to a questionnaire for screening buyers and sellers over the phone

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I have no idea what kind of questions to ask

@Dominic Lobban

Type in "screening buyers" "phone scripts" or whatever variations of those words that give you the best results in the search bar at the top right corner of your screen and you will find all the scripts you need. 

I personally do not use scripts, but I did make myself familiar with them when I first started. Just remember when you talk to a seller that you are there to help them are offering a service and it should help you with your nerves a bit. Besides that just keep asking detailed questions about the house and about the seller until you can find their motivation to sell. 

I love asking "So what do you plan on doing with my cash once i buy your house?" 

Originally posted by @Dominic Lobban:

I have no idea what kind of questions to ask

 I had the same exact question recently.  I found a checklist on  Just sign up for a copy of @Seth Williams book and you get the free tipster tool box; the list is in there.  Pretty sure that was all free; if not it was very cheap.  Otherwise, I agree with @Micah, just search around for something you like.

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