How to approach motivated sellers that are NOT in foreclosure?

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Hi everyone! I live in Los Angeles, and driving around my neighborhood, I've seen a lot of houses that might belong to motivated sellers. I'd like to know how would you approach those sellers, what would you say in a letter? I appreciate anyone's help! thanks! :)

@Jenny Orazi

Have you thought about knocking on the door and introducing yourself? Let them know that you are an all-cash buyer looking to buy a home in the neighborhood.

You can try asking them if they know anyone who might be interested in selling. You'll be surprised at how much folks open up about their neighbors and what kind of leads you can get.

Alternatively, if you've spotted several houses, jot down their addresses and try writing them a letter that says something along the lines of:

"Hi - My name is Jenny and I'm an all-cash buyer interested in buying your home as-is. Call me at ..."

Here's another example from

It's important to note that there is no perfect post card or letter. It requires testing to know what works for your area and not giving up after only one or two tries.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Joshua! great advice! I appreciate it! I'll keep you posted :)

Getting face to face with them is going to give you your best chance of actually buying their property. You can approach them with the intensions of helping them and build a relationship with them. You will probably have to contact them several times before they are ready to buy. Patience and persistence! In my opinion, the next best thing would be to try to get their phone number and call them. If you can't reach them through those avenues, a yellow letter type mailing would be my next suggestion.

thanks Mike, another great approach. I appreciate your time :)

Great advice Joshua McGinnis ! And has some great examples.

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