So Excited I Have My First Wholesale Property ...... Now What?

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Ok so I just got my first wholesale house and Im beyond excited. Ive read and studied everything I could get my hands on about wholesaling but now that I actually have the property Im paralyzed lol smh. Its not an assigned property but I purchased it cash. The taxes are about $6000.   The problem is I don't have a buyers list yet. Honestly Ive been so busy getting 7 crazy kids prepared for school I haven't had much time to do anything else. Im definitely going to use craigslist to market it but any other suggestions I'd greatly appreciate. Im just stuck.

To make matters worse my husband wants to flip it but to me thats not feasible when we live in Georgia and the house is in Cinncinnati. Im not even sure how to wholesale it from here. Help guys! Thanks and God Bless

first I would like to say congratulations on your first property. I would definitely market the property as much as you can , I would try postlets. Also your local REIA, I have a small buyers list also if you like.

To your success 



If you are needing to find a buyer I would recommend getting on Craig's List in Cincinnati. Also, you might find real estate investment Facebook pages in Cincinnati. Start networking with the people in the industry there. Or, you might find a local Cincy Realtor that works with a lot of investors, have them tack on a commission and see if they can bring a buyer to you. Just some thoughts.

@Makina Turner congrats on getting the deal and you should definitely post it in the Marketplace. Make sure to write "Cincinnati, Ohio" in the post so it triggers the key words for people who are following the words. 

Additionally, I'd be happy to connect with you about it - feel free to message me. 

Lastly....WOW, SEVEN kids - congrats on the wonderfully large family. I'm sure that keeps you very busy. 


@Ethan Atkinson thx for the mention!