ARV comps north of seattle WA

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Hey BP,

So I know now that in the Seattle area I need ARV comps and not market value comps. As a new investor learning how to estimate a good deal how do I go about getting A good estimate on ARV. I need your help BP I have a small list of mailers I want to send out but I am hesitant on sending them out if I cant give a good offer when the phone starts to ring.

PS. I don't have MLS access keep in mind

Hi Keith.  Did you get your questions answered?  You can pay for an appraisal for the property.  Appraisals around here run about $450-$550.   But honestly, if you've got a good real estate broker in your pocket, they'll do that for you as a courtesy on any home you're considering.  I work with many investors and also invest in real estate in the area myself and do this all the time.  Build a good relationship with a real estate broker, and they can be part of your mastermind team.  In return, any homes you list for sale on the mls, you list with them.  If you've got one, great!  If you want to chat, you can PM me.