"Systems" You Want, Need or Dream About?

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I looked and could not find a friendly discussion about systems...

Every time a "new" system  comes out that is  going to revolutionize the business so you push a button and you make tons of money nobody takes over the world with it? 

If all you had to do is through money at it wouldn't someone already dominate the entire market? I bought a word processor  and I know I will never write a best selling novel but I do misspell less words. Example of a tool I bought that other people are using to taking over the world.

What tools do you use in your real estate business that help? 

Tools I use: (no particular order)

Me, a phone, notepad, pencil, calculator, word processor, marketing, relationships, assistants, partners.

Systems/Services I use

Websites, direct mail, phone systems, CRM, comp service, my ideas

Tons of real estate transactions happened before electricity. What are the limiting factors that are stopping one company from taking over any sector in the market with all the modern systems available?

Don't get me wrong I love and use systems everyday and will probably buy more as I weed them.

Is there really a cohesive thought/question here? Seems to be a bit more of a ramble...

To answer the only question I do see, I use a lot of modern tech for my business, including a collection of apps. Primarily and longest, I´ve created a couple different spreadsheets that I can access and utilize from all my devices through Google Drive. I have another Financial Calculators app that has a variety of useful tools, including ROI, IRR, and other loan calculators for when I don´t want to get into the spreadsheets.

The best way to answer your "Systems question" is to encourage you to do what works best for you.

The goal of a system is to automate the process so that it manufactures a desired result. If your efficient you will only experience each challenge once and by designing the right triggers and solutions problems will be self correcting.

I know this didn't help, but we each use our own approach. I'm a pencil and calculator kind of guy i believe the purchase has the biggest impact to my bottom line