How to Start Wholesaling?

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Hey BP family...again!

I am having a hard time finding the laws and statutes for Wholesaling in Kentucky? Are there any Kentuckians on here that do not mind helping me!

I really really REALLY am super motivated, eager and ready to get this ball moving, especially since I own this business.

Can't wait to incorporate my business into real estate as well!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!!!!

Thanks in advance,


Hey @Account Closed

I believe you will not find something like that online. In fact, what you will find is the statutes and regulations for the real estate profession that are promoted by the Kentucky Real Estate Comission. Although wholesaling is a perfectly legal activity, you should avoid doing anything that may be classified as unlicensed real estate activities. It's a matter of not crossing the line by mistake. Explore the KREC Website to get some more information.

The big thing to remember when wholesaling is that you are not selling houses, you are selling contracts.  Make that clear and that will keep you out of trouble.