Do you use bird dogs? Are you a bird dog?

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Hi @Laurie Johnson ! We do work with bird dogs. Usually they find us and BP has been a great place for many to do so.

Look for small- to medium-sized operators (Google "we buy houses <your-local-area>"), call them up, and see if they are open to receiving leads and then paying if they buy the properties.

The biggest challenge of being a bird dog is quickly learning how to recognize a bona fide deal and not waste your time (or the operator's) with non-deals. You've often got to kiss a whole bunch of frogs before finding a prince. It's your job to find the deals that we can't find on our own.

While it is hard work, it's probably the best practical training in deal recognition and acquisition, which I consider to be the #1 and #2 skills of a successful real estate operator.

@Laurie Johnson

You can post ads on CL but you need to pre-screen them beofre you send them to sign up on your squeeze page. Otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of timewasters,

We direct mail to service companies and this is a lot better than CL but it does require an investment. We also created our own software so the "locators" (bird dogs) can upload properties to the user interface but more importantly we assign them an analytic tracking number that they can advertise. SAll of the calls are recorded and they can get a repot each month with the links to the recordings. The biggest question you will get is "How do I know I will get paid if I bring you a deal?" and this solves that problem.

I was a wholesaler in Tampa for 10 years so i am familiar with Bradenton. Let me know if you have any questions about setting up a bird dog program.

@Laurie Johnson That is a great question and I believe @Mitch Messer hit the nail on the head when he stated "learning how to recognize a bona fide deal and not waste your time (or the operator's) with non-deals."  If you can become a resource to other investors, you'll quickly become a valuable commodity.  

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