Can you wholesale a 100k property?

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I have a property that my friend who's a realtor gave me a listing for a property at 100k (im gonna negotiate about price) but ?y question is; as a investor can you wholesale a property worth this much? & is wholesaling my best option here? Or should i go another route?

The price has nothing to do with it, the fact that a Realtor is involved means the asking price is pretty close to what the market value will be. That makes it hard to find a buyer to buy as an investment with room to make any money, or you to make money. 

Sounds like you're lost, if you'd learn real estate before trying to deal in real estate, you'd know where you're at. 

And, you won't end up with pie on your face when a Realtor finds out you can't buy....if you can't really buy it. :)