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How you doing , my names Kyshawn I'm new to real estate and I want to "Wholesale" Real estate but I just don't know where to start I have the knowledge to get started but it's just I don't know how to take action , i live in Rocky mount and its a lot of vacant houses and I know I can wholesale a lot but where do I start ?

There's a ton of information on this site about wholesaling. Also check out the Bigger Pockets podcasts. Find ones that focus on wholesaling. If you have the knowledge then what is stopping you from taking action? I just got done reading the book "Getting Things Done" that is recommended on this site a lot and one of the main things I took away from it was the "What's the next actionable step?" tip. Basically you say you want to wholesale, you've learned about it, but you haven't taken action- so what's the next actionable step? Is it find a mentor in the area? Is it go out find a deal and get it under contract? I don't know the answer because I'm not a wholesaler. I do know that not going out and looking for deals or getting one under contract you won't reach your goal of wholesaling. Good luck!

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