looking for a wholesaler in Augusta, Ga

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My wife and I are just about ready to find our next rental. We already own one rental in the Augusta area and are looking for another in the same area. Are there any wholesalers in the Augusta area because I don't see much action in this part of Ga right now.

What part of Augusta are you interested in?  I know there are a couple of Augusta wholesalers on here, but can't call them by name.

I prefer Grovetown area but am not against down town or Martinez. I am looking for something atleast 2B/1B and I really think 3B/2B is the sweet spot as far as rents go.

Thanks for replying so quickly @Shaine Cobb

Grovetown is a pretty good bet right now. The US Army Cyber Command is coming to Ft. Gordon and it is really driving sales and construction in the area. They expect several thousand people in the next few years. And, you're welcome. Keyword alerts work!

No doubt...Grovetown seems poised for continued growth in the next several years, with several commercial enterprises announcing plans for retail outlets.  My two townhouse rental properties in Grovetown rented out within days of listing this summer, with multiple applicants.

Another potential factor: the proposed Ft Gordon gate west of Robinson Ave in Grovetown.  This could potentially lead to yet more growth in southwestern Columbia County.  

@Shaine Cobb @Jade S.

Hi guys! Did you ever find a wholesaler in Augusta?  I have a deal under contract and am looking for someone to work it on that end (I'm in Atlanta).

@Regina Sitterley

The properties I have were bought off the MLS or, in the case of my next property closing in two weeks, a off-market FSBO deal from an owner that had approached me about purchasing her house.

Where is your contracted property in the area? Just curious...

@Jade S. - Hello! My property is in the Mount Vernon Subdivision of Augusta.  Does that help you? The zip is 30906.  I'm just learning the areas myself.

Hello! I live in Augusta and I am just getting started in wholesaling. I have not quite gotten my feet wet yet but hopefully soon I will be in communication with you all!

Still looking for a rental in that zip code? I might have one for you!

Hi ,

I am wholesaling in the Augusta area... Please add me and let's do business.



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