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Hi everyone, my wholesaling ventures has been up and down. And I need to really focus in order to make it work. I'm originally from the Greensboro NC area...but is anyone familiar with Fayettevile, NC and surrounding areas for prospective business? Really looking for some help in finding investors and building a solid cash buyers list. Please! Thanks in advance!

There are many ways to build a buyers list.

1) asking a local real estate agent for a list of cash purchases in your area

2) going to auctions

3) networking at REIA meetings

4) calling on their bandit signs

5) speaking with other wholesalers in the area.

these are the easiest ways, there are a ton more, you just have to think creatively

@Mia Brewington I am beginning to look in the

Fayettevile, NC because of the military. One thing that puzzles me is why is there so much inventory that is not rented. Please share if you find any information.

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