Before I send my first direct mail??

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I bought a list and have been filling out postcards to send out almost 1000 absentee owners. I know every wholesaler has a website but should I have a one before sending my FIRST mail campaign? If so how should I go about it and should I use a name like "webuyhouses" or could I tailor it to myself for example "JohnnyBuysHomes"? 

Thank you in advance! I'm obviously new at this and trying to hit the ground running hard. Any other questions or comments PLEASE let me know! I appreciate any advice!

Thank you

You don't need a website for a direct mail campaign but it could help. Think about every direct mail campaign you've ever recieved? Did they have websites on them? As long as you got a viable phone number and e-mail I think that's more important than having a website. You can always get a website later. If you do however get a website you do want to tailor it to you I think because you don't want to appear like a spam site or one of those cheesy sites you see on Craiglist. 

@John Hrvatin, you just want the phone to ring! And make sure you check and double check before you finalize. I learned AFTER only checking once that one of the phone numbers I provided was transposed. I don't know the number of calls I missed because I didn't double check. All the other things you are concerned about will come but you have to get your phone to ring first.