IS anybody here actively wholesaling in the Los Angeles area?

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Hi, I am looking to start wholesaling in the Los Angeles area. I've done a few wholesale deals out of state, but would really like to stick to my own market. Would you mind sharing what your experience wholesaling out here has been like? :)

There are a few that are very successful. Their experience might not be applicable on your target market. I have heard that it's a tough market, but that's nothing new.

Hey Jennifer!  I wholesale from time to time in LA.  I don't do any marketing though I mostly network with agents.  I also buy from a few wholesalers around here and for them direct mail works pretty well

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Hello Jennifer! Welcome to Bigger Pockets. If you're starting out wholesaling in Los Angeles County, let's talk! My wife and I also wholesale out here. I'd be happy to share our experience with you! :)