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What are you guys/gals using to convert these leads?  Are they being sent to a landing page, phone number, website, autoresponder ect? 

I'm looking into REIPro as well, but from what I can tell it's all about pulling lists, sending postcards, sending offers, tracking campaigns, collecting information from sellers about properties ect but I don't see anywhere that landing pages or a website is included in the package.

So what is everyone using for that portion of the marketing...  landing pages and website ect?  Not looking to re-create the wheel here, looking for the best tool for the money.

Jeff V

OK after an expensive lesson Reipro lead generator data is pretty sad I apologize for even bringing it up, But the added perks like contracts and organization tools are cool. But stand behind the rest of my comment 

I am interested in REIPro as well.  I have a guy who is willing to mentor me and uses this system.  Seems legit and he's having success with it. But, I came to BP to see what others are saying about it.  

@Daniel Phillips what do you mean expensive lesson?  What do you mean REIpro lead generator data is pretty sad?  Why do you apologize for bringing it up and what comment do you stand by?  

Can only speak for my experience with it. Had a few months so those cost and time cost. I used the Lead generator to retrieve vacants, pre-foreclosure and absentee. I mailed a good bit of letters using those leads. Got a few calls maybe 15 for about 1600. Since then I switched to direct calling no mail. Now Im speaking to home owners at these addresses generated from ReiPro. I found that the data is way outdated. I got a lot of “that house been sold” or “ I went through foreclosure a couple years ago”. I ended the subscription recently. The features now are excellent but data no not for me anyway. I apologize for commenting I use it as in it’s a good program which I take back. Stand behind the website company.

@Daniel Phillips - you said that the "data is way outdated" and then say the features are now excellent.  A couple of questions for you. 

1) Were the features not that great when you had the program?  

2) How long ago did you use REIPro and how many months?  

The interface and user experience are nice and all but the leads are super outdated and just plain inaccurate. I have skiptraced over 1,000 names and my partner and I cold called most of them and have also sent out thousands of postcards (which were carefully targeted) A majority of the vacant leads are owner occupied and were never vacant in the first place, based on what the owners told me. Seems to me that this program was made to profit from direct mailing if you ask me. I'll rate this software 2/5

Danzel Toussaint,

I would be interested to know who you are using to skiptrace. It may be more of an issue with your skiptrace provider than with the data from REIPro. I have found REIPro's data to be good and have not had an issue. But I have heard from a lot of other investors that sometimes the bulk skiptracing companies info is no good.

I am thinking of signing up with REIpro. It has a cost of $267 for 3 months. I live in south Florida . If you are willing to split the cost of this. I would only be interested in someone who works a DIFFERENT market than mine.  Jodi

I am a current member of REIPro and I like it. Its a one stop shop for looking up property info, organizing database info and even creating certain documents. So far I've closed three deals using REIPro with many more to come. If you can handle the $109 a month charge, its worth it in my opinion.

I am a current member of REIPro and I like it. Its a one stop shop for looking up property info, organizing database info and even creating certain documents. So far I've closed three deals using REIPro with many more to come. If you can handle the $109 a month charge, its worth it in my opinion.

Okay, listened to the Bigger Pockets Podcast, episode 332 today featuring Adam Johnson and Brent Moreno.  They brought up REIPro, ListSource, PropStream and  REIPro seems like it could be a super useful tool, for a Real Estate agent and an investor.  Luckily I am both, but I would like to speak/network with someone who is actively using it to get leads for investment properties.  I am not really into bulk mail, but I am completely okay with texting or making a phone call.  Anyone with extensive experience with REIPro?

Originally posted by @Shaun J. :

I'm actually torn between REIPro and Propstream. Anyone have a comparable and honest review of them both side by side? 

I would also really like to know how the two compare!

I have PropStream, and looked at 3 houses I have been involved with and 2 of them don't even have the transactions I was involved in listed in the history.  These transactions were several months to a year and a half ago.  I'm a bit disappointed, with all the hoopla surrounding it...

BE AWARE: REI Pro L.L.C. Is a terrible company with horrible customer service. All of the data they provide is not filtered or verified and therefore mostly inaccurate or disconnected contact info. They are out to pray on those who sign up for their service during the trial period, so that they can process a payment on your credit card. DO NOT Provide ANY payment information to use their terrible service. They will not refund your money and will allege that you made threatening claims against their company. If you are looking for this type of service, I suggest you try other data providers. This company does not care about their client retention or reputation, that speaks enough for itself.

STAY AWAY!!!! These guys are about taking your money.  I used the service and wanted to download my work and could not get a live person to help.  After 3 months, I ended my subscription because I could not contact anyone to help me.  The only attention you get from them is to get you to pay for a subscription.