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How's it going Bigger Pockets? I was wondering if anyone has used the REIPro software by Chris Goff? I'm thinking about using it to help my wholesaling journey. I haven't found any reviews anywhere, so any reviews would be greatly appreciated!

When I saw your post I went over to check him out, because I've never heard of him. But that doesn't mean that the information is not good. Listen Chris, in any industry information is the major key and what YOU do with that information is whats going to determine your success or not. So it all depends on you. There are some good programs out there and there are some bad programs out there, but the winning formula is how determined are you to succeed. If you want to try the Chris Goff program try it. I know that you are trying to save money by not buying a dud program off the bat and I get it, but sometimes in business there are risk. So I suggest reading all of his free stuff first (if he has any) then read another gurus free stuff, and read all of Biggerpockets free stuff along with BPs free advice. But in the end go ahead and make a decision to buy the course or not. I can tell you all of this good stuff about how I was doing well in the Chris Goff program and you can the program and flop because you didn't do what was required. If you don't remember anything I've said in this post remember this, "Success and Failure begins and ends with YOU. Let me know if you need help with anything. Welcome to BP. 

Sorry to be brutly Honest, but I hope this makes help you grow. 

Hi @Christopher Cronin , Michael is right, there is a lot of free info out there that are good to start with.  You can listen to Shawn Terry's podcast to get the idea of how to do things and Michael Quarles podcast have live phone calls you can listen to that are very helpful.  I think both of those guys offer programs as well, but all the info you need is out there for free.  Then maybe you can go to local meet ups and partner up with a successful wholesaler as you're starting out.  Courses can be good to hold you accountable or give you that push, but spending money on marketing and talking to prospects will get you results.  Good luck out there!

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@Michael Williams @Jeff Lipple I really appreciate the replies guys.  I see what you're saying and I will keep that in mind moving forward.  I appreciate the honesty.  Really, I was just looking for a review of the product, though.  I've been doing my research, listening to the podcasts and a lot of the stuff you guys mentioned.  This post wasn't my first attempt at jumping into the real estate world, I've developed a list of about 50 absentee owner's of vacant properties via driving for dollars, and I'm looking forward to making phone calls/direct mail, but in regards to the post I really just wanted to see if anyone out there has used the product.  Again I appreciate the advice, but I just wanted to clear up the motivation of the post.  

Rather then start a new thread I might as well add on to this one. Does anyone have any experience with this software?  I think the people responding to this got the wrong idea of what this software is. This is lead generation software. You can pull lists of abstinence owners etc.  You can even send postcard to the list you get directly from the software. 

I finished my 30 day trial on it.  I used all the features (except the contracts, they block that part out in the trial).  On a scale of 1-5 stars, I give it a 3.5.  

The pros:

The software design and features are top shelf.  The code behind it must be awesome.  The team that designed and wrote the software did a fabulous job.  It's like sitting at the controls of a car.  Everything is easy to find and the process from lead generation to closing is seamless.  For lead generation, you can select the target audience, set your desired features for properties to go after, and then filter by various useful criteria.  After that, they have integrated into sending postcards and other media to the target audience.  I took advantage of that feature and sent some lease option cards to a select audience north of my usual territory.  I saw a significant increase in my website activity coordinated with the delivery date.  I was impressed with the software.

It has a built in CRM which I thought was a bonus.  Other useful features include information on prior sales and existing mortgages on properties.  They also have an offer estimation engine for various strategies of creative deal-making.  Here's a short list of just a portion of the features from:

  • 10 Step Workflow System Installed
  • REIPro Home Value
  • Rent Value
  • Property Details
  • Tax Information
  • Mortgage Info
  • Transaction History
  • Street View
  • Real Comparable Sales
  • Recorded Sales - Not Estimated Values
  • Free Phone Number Lookup
  • Cell Phone & Non-published Numbers
  • Nearest Relative Phone Number Lookup
  • Seller Phone Scripts & Questions
  • Get Offers Accepted with Our Multiple Offer System
  • Make Cash Offers
  • Make Lease Option Offers
  • Make Seller Finance Offers
  • Print Offers on Demand

The Cons:  For me, the $1068 for the year was just over what I wanted to pay.  I'd pay $600-$750 for the year, but I'm a cheap bastage. ;)

Overall, for a beginner with money I highly recommend it as a One-Stop shop.  

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Originally posted by @Doug B. :

@Armindo Gonzalez Jr - how accurate did the data appear?  I.e. , market values, estimate of mortgage balance and current status of property.....actually preforclosure/probate or old info?  I am considering using instead of list source.


From what I'd can see its very accurate but I don't have the data to prove it.I'd decided to sign up and going to see how it works for me in 2018.

@Armindo Gonzales jr I to am very interested in the Reipro software and on another old thread here on BP I saw that several investors got together and split the cost of the product, is that something you’d be interested in doing?

@Armindo Gonzalez Jr , how's it going with the Reipro Software?  I would like to know I'm very interested in using it myself. Right now I'm watching and listening to his 3+ hour power point on youtube. It's very Interesting.  @Jarrett James you said other investors got together and split the cost. I was thinking about doing that with my colleague, if your apart of that group how it going for you all with that?  @Matt Beech , you mentioned Liondesk, I had never heard of them before.  I'm going to check them out, however, what's your reviews on Liondesk?

@Tish Donahue I did not end up going with LionDesk. I ended up utilizing REIPro and really like it. I personally prefer the various options and tools and I especially liked the way it is laid out. Extremely simple to use and met my needs for saving and searching clients and property information.

@Tish Donahue I was unable to get together with several others and split the cost of the Reipro so recently I signed up for the 30 day free trial which has been great. If you and your colleague are going to be moving forward with joining the program I’d be interested in splitting the costs with you guys. Please keep me posted.

@Jarrett James  I just signed up today. If I think this is profitable I would consider partnering. Keep in mind it would be tied to someone's CC and we each would access view each others properties. So we would definitely have to build some trust among the group before we went that route.

If its as comprehensive as we project it to be, the monthly cost should be a drop in the bucket in comparison to the value it generates.

Will keep you posted on my experience and you do likewise.

This is great information guys! I haven't used the program yet. I'm a beginner in this game and I'm literally learning all about wholesaling on my own.   Thank you all so much for responding back. I will surely keep all request in mind.

@Tish Donahue where did you find that 3+ hour PPT youtube video? I can't seem to find it.  Much appreciated if you could share the link with the group.

Great feedback everyone.  REIpro looks like its worth a try!   Now if I could only find more funds to close bigger deals! HA!

@Christopher Cronin - Hey man, I actually started using REIPro about 3 days ago. I really like it so far. I am also kind of new (been in the “learning loop” for a LOOOOONG time), so I’ve been trying to find the right tools to help in any way possible! I compared it first with Realeflow and a couple of others. The reasons I went with REIPro was because it’s features rich, and yet the most cost effective. Besides, I listened to Chris Goffs webinars on YouTube and believe in him! Most of all though, it’s what’s working for ME for now! At the end of the’s what works best for you! Hope that helps!

Best rewards to you in your journey!

I have been using REIPRO for 24 days of the free 30 day trial, and sent out just over 2,000 postcards in that time. While the system is great, my response rate is terrible. Maybe Im doing something wrong, but you cannot make many/any changes to the verbiage on the postcards, so I cant see what I would be doing wrong. 2,000 cards sent and 5 responses total.

I may try using them for everything except their postcards which would let me design my own.