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BE AWARE: REI Pro L.L.C. Is a terrible company with horrible customer service. All of the data they provide is not filtered or verified and therefore mostly inaccurate or disconnected contact info. They are out to pray on those who sign up for their service during the trial period, so that they can process a payment on your credit card. DO NOT Provide ANY payment information to use their terrible service. They will not refund your money and will allege that you made threatening claims against their company. If you are looking for this type of service, I suggest you try other data providers. This company does not care about their client retention or reputation, that speaks enough for itself.

STAY AWAY!!!! These guys are about taking your money.  I used the service and wanted to download my work and could not get a live person to help.  After 3 months, I ended my subscription because I could not contact anyone to help me.  The only attention you get from them is to get you to pay for a subscription.  

Mr. Keely,

I would like to take a moment to address a few points that were in your comments on Bigger Pockets. You mention that you have been unable to reach our customer support team, but when I researched our call, chat, and email logs, it shows that prior to yesterday (10/22/19), you have only reached out to us on one other occasion. This was on June 18, 2019, when you reached out via chat to ask a strategy question. Since REIPro customer support cannot legally offer strategy advice, you were given the contact info for Chris Goff personal coaching. Our system logs ALL communication, including missed calls and attempted chats, and we have no record other than this one instance.

REIPro tries very hard, working closely with our customers to better their investing business. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and hold our products and services to the highest standards. Because of this, we are able to enjoy a very high customer satisfaction rate, seldom encountering complaints such as yours. Because of this, our customer support team is not as familiar as it could be with policy procedures pertaining to how to handle these situations, and I apologize for the way it was handled yesterday. While our customer support personnel was correct in the information provided to you, there should have been less back and forth.

The facts are:

- Your account was suspended for nonpayment via declined credit card.

- Over a month after suspension, you decided you needed the information on the account, so initiated your first communication with REIPro support in over 4 months, requesting access to the account and making erroneous claims about being unable to contact us previously because our contact information was not readily accessible via website.

- When told that in order to have access to the account, it must first be reactivated by paying the subscription fee, you sent a screen shot of an unpublished disparaging comment about REIPro, threatening to post on Bigger Pockets if you weren’t granted access.

- When you were still not granted free access to your suspended account, you posted the comment, including a small portion of the chat for reference. This portion did not include your previous comment, where you unnecessarily threaten REIPro, nor did it include the actual reason you were denied access to your account in the first place.

It should be noted that, under many software policies, your account could have been permanently deleted after 30 days of nonpayment, with no way whatsoever to recover your history. REIPro extends the courtesy to our subscribers of holding accounts in suspended status, with the ability to reinstate and pick up where you left off, once the account is financially current.

Mr. Manry personally spoke with you yesterday, attempting to assist despite the fact that you were not entitled to the items you requested and would not be returning to REIPro as a customer. Sadly, an acceptable solution could not be found.

After a thorough review of all aspects of your account and complaint, it has been determined that REIPro is not at fault in any way, and you should not receive further access without first paying the reactivation fee. REIPro consistently makes every attempt to provide impeccable customer satisfaction, but we do NOT bend to bullying threats to vilify the company on social media. We will respond to your comments on Bigger Pockets by posting a rebuttal, and close out your complaint along with your account.

It is our hope that you come to understand the gravity of making threats and posting disparaging comments on social media, and hesitate to act so quickly in future.

Chris Goff Specialist from Peachtree City, GA - Thank you for taking all that time and effort to tell your side of the story about REIpro.  There are very few company owners that will take the time to do that.  If everyone in the world could point to the perfect program and all agree that it works, most of us would still fail at using it because we just don't take the time and focus needed to master it.  I'm including myself because I have had your REIpro for almost a year now and I am still in the process of selling off some of my deadbeat low end properties, I own, that are consuming way more of my time than they are worth, just so I have more time to use and learn about REIpro and other investment opportunities.

I see the value of your REIpro program and actually use it more for training my team members that help me search for properties.  I give them free access as part of my 10 user account which you have done a great job of securing those accounts so each user cannot gain access to the other users account information.  Thank you for that!

An example of my training can be found at my site here -

My students come and go and some make it and some do not, for the same reason I just mentioned - we just don't take the time and focus needed to master it!

One of the great things in life is there will always be leaders, like you, who provide the tools for those lucky individuals that do have the ability to take the time and focus to master it!

Thank you Chris Goff Specialist from Peachtree City, GA

As a REIpro member I have found Chris and Bo and their services 2nd to none -  Yes some of the info is not as current as you'd like - but who's is? I have test run a number of these programs and this is the one I have purchased. I find their monthly Live  Q&A  very helpful along with their customer support. 

Interesting that Timmy K has not chimed back in. With a very thorough response from REIpro to his post, one can only summarize that he was called out and exposed. Just my $ .02