I need some Ideas on how to find wholesalers in Fayetteville NC

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I have posted a little bit on craigslist but am drawing a blank on where else to look for wholesalers in Fayetteville NC. Is there like a list or an organization that keeps track of this stuff?

Any advice would be helpful.

Are you looking to buy or sell? If you're looking to buy, there are a lot of foreclosures on the MLS that are fairly tough for wholesalers to beat price wise. I've seen wholesalers post and comment on threads here periodically. Have you found anything searching on BP?

There are some wholesalers in town, but not many. Plus it's so easy to get a deal of MLS it makes it really hard for them to compete imo

If you're looking to sell, and it's a deal, there are people looking to close in a matter of days who pay cash. no shortage of buyers ;) 

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@Zane McLaughlin Look for bandit signs that say We Buy Houses (or similar). They are almost always wholesalers. Find local REIA groups. If you can't find any wholesalers there, some of the investors surely are buying from some. Contact local title companies and see if they have anyone doing consistent assignment fees or double closings. Ask local RE attorneys.

Hope this helps!