Type of Inspection for complete tear down (full gut rehab)

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Hello Fellow BP Friends,

I have a full gut down property under contract and i pretty much am going to pay for the land. Do I need to order any specific inspection as a part of my due diligence to make sure I am not buying a bad land.

The property is in a flood zone and will need flood insurance.

A "gut rehab" and a "tear down" are two different things, obviously.  For a tear down, you probably just need to locate/protect utilities....water/sewer lines and any underground electric.

Research to see if Texas has a website that list contaminated land.

I know in California we do.

You can alway get a engineer soil survey.

@Sameer Kh One other thing you might consider. Just in case your flood insurance turns out to be cost prohibited, it is possible to bring the homesite UP and out of the flood plain. You will need a surveyor to verify anything for you, then you will need a judge in that county to sign off on it, thus eliminating any issues to obtain flood insurance as well as mortgage issues if you need to finance. Do you know if it is in a 100 or 500 year flood plain? On one of my projects some time back, it was just a matter of putting it high enough on a pier and beam system to get me out of the flood plain.

Thank you for your response and help 

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