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I searched the forums and found no mention of this website.

Let's face it, having access to the MLS at all times would be ideal. However, some of us don't want to pursue a RE license, or have to constantly nag a realtor when comparable sales analysis are needed. Has anyone else used Can anyone comment on it's effectiveness and or accuracy?

@Derek Curtis

I have used it to give me some ideas. But I also found that the numbers are very similar to the dreaded zestimates from zillow.

here's another website that I found through the forums

If you use zillow you can unselect all for sale properties and only have sold selected. This will give you comps. Enter in the address of the property and deselect all properties for sale. 

@Chris T. I will check out that site, thank you. @Account Closed Maybe using a few of these sites in combination with Zillow will be acceptable. In the area where I live and am investing, Zillow seems to be a good deal below acceptable ARV's and selling points. Thanks for the comments!

DON"T use their assessment of comps. But use their solds and calculate the comps yourself.

@Derek Curtis I can't comment on the accuracy of the site you posted about, but it looks like they use public data like Zillow. Only problem with Zillow data, (which is also what I use) is it's as old as the last updated public source, so I always recommend people bring with them Redfin data to do their adjustments...Redfin data is basically from the MLS. Unfortunately for you Redfin is not in Springfield, in which case you either have to fallback to using a realtor or use the Greene county assessor comp search to find the comps then do your own adjustments:

@Derek Curtis . If you can align yourself with a broker or realtor who can help you with CMA's, then having MLS at your finger tips is easy. I do comps often, and help people regularly with CMA's and determining values all over CT and MA. If you have an agent you know, reach out to them to see if they would be interested. If you would like to speak with someone with REI experience, feel free to reach out to me. I would be happy to discuss some options with you.

@Kuba F. I didn't realize that's how Zillow worked. Thanks for the info. @Rick Santasiere I'm fortunate to have become close with a few realtors here in town, I always feel like I'm bothering them when asking for comps! But the take away from all this is that realtors are still the best option for accurate CMA. Thank you.

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