Best areas for Investors in Akron

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Are there investors currently finding success in the Akron neighborhoods regarding rehab and flip strategies? Specific areas of interest include Goodyear Heights, Ellet, Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Fairlawn.

@Henry Omenai Yes there are. And there is a wide range of area grade and geographic distance between those suburbs. Very comparable suburbs are available in Cleveland as well.

@Ryan Arth thanks for commenting. I've also noticed that some areas in Cleveland are close in comparison to the neighborhoods mentioned for Akron. There are a few deals I'm working on getting under contract now and wondered if any other investor had considered these areas.

@Henry Omenai

Why invest in Akron if you live in Cleveland? While I'm not terribly familiar with Akron, I'd be surprised if you couldn't find very similar neighborhoods in both cities. As such, I'd prefer to invest as close to home as possible provided the neighborhoods that were close to home made sense. Is there something I'm overlooking?


@Timothy Murphy III

I'm from Akron and my extended family still lives there. Also, the areas and neighborhoods are familiar to me so I can better evaluate some market values. I will most definitely be investing in Cleveland and its surrounding areas, as I'd rather be close to home too in the beginning. I'm still learning the hot markets for Cleveland.

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