Do I need inspection?

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I've purchased a home from a wholesaler. Should I have it inspected? Foundation was inspected and needs work. I received the rehab budget and have a contractor lined up to begin work after closing. Just wondering if inspection is needed since I'm locked in to the contract.

W/O an inspection, you're defacto taking AS-IS and responsible.  Should have looked before you leaped.

That is totally up to you. Many wholesalers don't allow inspections to be a condition of the contract, but that DOES NOT prevent you from doing inspections before you go into contract. 

Should I get a flu shot after I get the flu? You already did your inspection (foundation,rehab budget)and are locked into the contract.

yes, always get an inspection even if you are located into the contract. That way you will know the full scope of work needed to repair and it will not be a surprise. 

Congrats on your new purchase

Cart before the horse here a little bit. 

I'm assuming you've already closed. Due to "I purchased a home from a wholesaler." 

It all depends on your ability to assess repairs needed, the quality of your contractors, and your exit strategy. If you're going to flip this thing... And didn't get it inspected it may we worth the cost. You could fix issues before they come up while under contract. 

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