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My partner and I are newbie investors, just about to be sending out our first direct mail campaign to absentee owners. Will be sending out ~1000 pieces a month, beginning with postcards and then cycling through various other mediums.

Question is... how do you go about using mail merge for a large order of postcards? The printing companies I've spoken to would require a huge custom order to be made ($$$) with each postcard being a unique file upload with the mail merge info, and do not offer mail merging services of any kind. How does everyone go about using mail merge to personalize their mailings without breaking the bank with the printing company?

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Nick Hughes ! Take a look at Mail merge capabilities with no minimums. Wide variety of mail pieces, including various sizes of postcards and letters. Versatile, affordable and easy-to-use!

Hello @Nick Hughes ! Welcome to the BP Community!

There are a lot of forums that touch on this topic. There are even a number of print company folks on here as well. While we cannot self advertise, we do chime in about how to get the most out of direct mail campaigns. I would recommend a quick search to get a good idea on different direct mail sites that specialize in real estate investing. It sounds like the print shops you have looked into might not be direct mail printers, though of course I am just assuming. 

Feel free to send me a message if I can help. Happy investing!

@Mitch Messer and @Claire Trammell , thanks for the input. Looks like my search for general printing services rather than specific for RE was my main issue here.

Click2Mail, PostcardMania, and Yellow Letters seem to be the best candidates.

Thanks again!

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