Cell Tower and Utility Poles on rental - How to wholesale this???

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Hey BP,

This is somewhat of an obscure topic, but I am confident that someone out there has come across this before and can shed some light:

Subject property has a duplex, cell phone antenna tower AND utility company poles on the lot.  Duplex is straight forward to calculate value, Cell phone tower has some data online for how to compute a value, BUT banks do not lend against this value and the utility company poles paying for the land use is a little confusing to me.

My question is this: Would it be easier to wholesale the property WITHOUT including the two side incomes?  I know the cell tower lease is a fairly complex business transaction and not many buyers will be savvy enough to understand it's valuation, nor will there be banks to lend on its value.  The utility company lease is something I have not been able to find any information on, so any insight into how that would work as part of the deal (how do I compute a value), or how to handle it separate would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

I hadn't thought about cell tower leases until i noticed your post, i always thought of them as a forced government structure that you just had to deal with on your land. 

i don't have anything truly useful except for this link i found.



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