Finding deals

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So, calling all wholesallers.... How do you generate leads? Bandit signs, reo's? How do you truly know the property is a deal w/o mls access? Why would an agent help you w/ mls if you never purchase the property?

Hi George! I've gotten most of my leads from bandit signs. I've also had some word of mouth through passing out business cards and making contacts with folks. I haven't ventured into REO's yet, but I plan to do that in the next 6 months or so.
Read around the wholesaling forum and you will find lots of good ideas for generating leads, as well as buyers. Unless you're wholesaling REO's, in which the agent would get a piece of the action in the form of commission, it might be a long shot to get them to help you find deals.
However, an agent can be invaluable to help you find buyers. Check out Stephani Davis' blog. I can't list the whole website but it's She has a great video tutorial on that. I've used it and had success with it. Best of luck in your wholesaling! Let me know if there's anything I can do. :cool:


You bet it was :) But you get through it little by little. You will make mistakes at first, so don't even be scared of it. Just assume it will happen, and chalk feeling stupid a bit up to just part of paying your dues. Just make sure, whatever you do, before you call anybody, get yourself educated if you aren't already. Get yourself a good course, read everything that you can here. Check out Ryan Weber's stuff here. Excellent wholesaling posts. An education will go a long way to boost confidence and cut your learning curve a lot. Hope it helps!