Networking with Cleveland Ohio Wholesalers - Any advice?

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I tried to post on here before to get in touch with wholesalers in the Cleveland area, but they removed the post thinking it was advertising.  So I am curious how to get in touch with more wholesalers in the Cleveland Ohio area?  I am not local so attending local REIAs is not an option.  I have a couple people that can manage and rehab, just need to get more deal flow going and I think wholesalers might be the best way to get there.  Any ideas?

From what I've seen around the forums, Ohio has some laws that make it tough for wholesalers to operate. It might even be illegal, I'm really not sure. But that could very likely be the reason you're not coming up with much. 

If you're planning on flipping, my opinion (and many other investors) is that it's not a great market for flips. If you're wanting to rehab a property and then hold it you might just need to piece together a team of contractors on your own. That said, I have one contact whose business is managing rehab and doing PM. But you'll have to bring the deal. Feel free to PM me for info.