Driving for dollars Cleveland

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I was wondering if anyone in the Cleveland area has done any driving for dollars. I recently tried this and am at a roadblock because Cuyahoga county has a system that doesn't show the owners address. Does anyone have a good way they have used to find this information?

@patsy Waldron
Thanks for the reply. I have been on the new website. I can't find the address of an absentee owner. It shows the owner and I have the address of the property, but how do you find the owners actual address if they own more than 1 property?

Unfortunately it is not so easily done.

The Cuyahoga site shows the mailing address of the tax bill. Presumably if it is the same as the physical address of the property, the tenant is forwarding it or calling them to let them know. Alternatively, it could be the PM's address or even their lawyers / agents if it is an LLC or company. They could also just be coming by once a week / month to pickup the mail.

Somehow, you would need to get whoever is receiving the mail to forward it or contact the actual owner

@Oren K. Thanks for the response. I agree I have a very hard time using the system to get any useful information. You almost have to search the name and hope that the nicer area that owner owns property in is there home address. Not a very concrete process.

@Patsy Waldron
The point of driving for dollars would be a cheaper way to find and mail leads. If I have to pay a service it kind of defeats that purpose. I may use it in the future to have "difficult to find" leads.

@William Selig  The Cuyahoga county auditors website is definitely lacking when it comes to locating owners mailing addresses. But, at least they provide the owners names. In some counties in California the auditors websites don't even provide owners names, let alone their mailing addresses. Using the tax information can be one avenue for you. But it's not going to be 100% accurate. If the tax address is different than the property address run the tax address through the auditor's site as well. If the owner names match than it might be safe to assume that would be the correct mailing address. Good luck!