Wholesaler: How To Approach Buyers

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Hi BP,

I am a nebwie wholesaler and have got my first phone number of a potential cash buyer. Is there a proper way to cold call someone and ask if they are a cash buyer? "Hi, how are you? I wholesale properties in our area and am putting together a cash buyers list so I'm calling local investors: Would you be interested in getting great homes under market price?" Depending on how well the opening pitch goes I would then ask them for their criteria.

Is there a better way to start off this sort of conversation?

If he is a true cash buyer , you don’t have to worry about introducing yourself and making him like you. He isn’t your boss and this isn’t an interview. This is real estate and if the man is smart he will care about 1 thing and one thing only! And that’s whether or not you have a good deal. Any smart investor is constantly looking for leads for
Properties. Your call should be the highlight of his day.

Are you worried that he will take offense that you are trying to bring him a property that he can make money on? If he does, he’s a joke and a waste of your time. Here in NY cash buyers treat wholesalers and property finders like Kong’s. They’ll pay North of 30k for a good deal because they will still make a ton of money. Do not think of cash buyers as this superior breed. They need you more than you need them.

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