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I've started driving for dollars around my local area in East Ridge and Chattanooga, TN and have began to accumulate a list of vacant looking properties. Sometimes when I look them up on the tax assessor website I get the name of an owner occupant, and then I'll google their name and find an obituary.. How do others proceed in this situation? Is their information on who to contact at the courthouse or online somewhere? Would I mail the house a letter and hope it gets forwarded to someone? Any info would be greatly appreciated!


@Alec Anderson Good question. You could send a letter to the home, see if it gets returned to you. This only costs 46 cents and your time. Or you could use a service like "Find the seller dot com", they used to charge 20 bucks for a full search. They have bulk rates if you plan to do a lot of this. 

You can always go to the neighbors next door and ask them. Make sure you have some cards, showing you are an investor, not something else. Best of luck to you! 

@Alec Anderson that's are GREAT leads.   Don't rely on mail alone.  Even if the right people get the letter they may not call you because they may think they either can't sell it for some reason, or in some cases may not even realize they own it anymore.  Or another scenario is the letter never gets to the right person, but you'll never know if that happens if you don't call.

You should skip trace the deceased owners with a decent skip trace service and for the majority of them you'll have no problems finding close relatives and give them a call.

Not sure if you're on FB, but I just did a case study with a guy who's not far out of Nashville.  He had a vacant property with a deceased owner.  If he would have only mailed a letter he would have missed out on the deal and an almost $16k assignment.  If it weren't for a bunch of liens, he was in position to make a $40k assignment.  

If you're on FB and would like to see the case study, just go to my page and it's the FB Live video at the top of my page.  Just did it the other day.

Again....I LOVE those kinds of leads.

Alec I’d love to discuss this with you. We are active investors and looking for people to help us grow our business. PM me and let’s chat.

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