Idea On tracking Sellers And Driving For Dollars

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Hi BP,

I just did my first driving for dollars campaign today and while I was just doing my thing an idea popped into my head. What if I used google street view to find owner information such as license plate numbers. I'm not sure what info you can get with a license plate but it may be useful. You might even be able to catch your wife cheating on you if your lucky! Isn't that great?! I just checked my house and it hadn't been updated for a long time so I am not sure if I can use this as a substitute for driving for dollars but maybe you could if you live in an area where google updates the info more frequently. If you try this let me know how it goes.

@Cody Evans google street view is a great tool, but it exactly how useful it is can vary depending on your market.  It's great in the more urban areas because a lot of the area will have images that are 1 to 2 years old which is relatively current.

I've done A LOT of skip tracing of distressed or vacant property owners and the vast majority are easy enough to track down with just their name and property address.   License plate searches are not really needed and can be costly and ultimately will take you back to the same info you can get from searching the property owner name and property address.

Or did I misunderstand your question?

@Cody Evans congrats on getting out on the road! In my market Atlanta suburbs google data is dated. My house pictures is at least 9 years old.  Seems to me it would be good for structure of houses but little else.

@Larry Higgins

No that's good to know. My picture is a little over a year so it may be useful.

@Account Closed

Thanks man! Today was way better in a different neighborhood; got quite a few more at 9 properties. I'm wondering if this is not that much for 2 hours. What do you think?

@Cody Evans Driving for Dollars is much better if you can find a partner to go with you. It is safer, more productive and efficient to have one person drive, while the other completes the list or writes down the address. Congrats on moving forward.