Wholesaling: Questions To Ask Title Companies

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Hello All,

The task to complete in my list today as a newbie wholesaler is to get in touch with title companies. I read somewhere that title companies are where I will go to officially assign my contract to a buyer. I also was told that they are a great resource and want to make sure I ask ALL the right questions. From the sound of it, title companies seem harmless and that they could not harm me but I still want to make sure I do the due diligence necessary. Are there red flags I need to look out for when dealing with these companies?

I figure I'll start the conversation by introducing myself as an investor looking to wholesale a property and proceed to ask if they have worked with wholesalers before. I will then ask if they can give me a brief walk through the process of their wholesale deals. Is this inappropriate? 

Edjumacation for Newbies on what title companies can supposedly do for you.


@Cody Evans Title companies will want to know YOUR wholesale process to determine how/if they can help.

Some investors do things right. Others, not so much.

@Cody Evans best way to find good title companies is to network with other investors in your area that are doing deals. Find a REI meeting in your area and ask around for referrals. Or get on their distribution list and send an email asking for referrals. Task done!!

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