Door Knocking in the neighborhood

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Let's say a neighbor lived in a house that looks like it needs a lot of work. You look at the county tax assessor site and see the owe over 14k on property taxes. Would you knock on their door and inquire if they were interested in selling. If so, how would you go about it?

@Cornel Smith

The first step is to see if your neighbors are the owners of the property.

Also - how do you plan to help their problem?
Will you acquire the property, fix it up and then decide to rent/flip it? If this is the route you will go - Do you have the capital to acquire the property?
I dont know the Queens Village area that well but I know homes are expensive here in NYC.

Do you plan to wholesale the property - figure out what it will cost to buy it, rehab it and then advertise this information to potential buyers.

@Cornel Smith Yes you should knock on their door but i would approach them with the angle of trying to help them. Let them know that you notice that they owe taxes and have someone that can help them with the problem. Come with the approach of a problem solver. And let them know if their decision is to sell the house, you definitely have people that are interested in buying it all cash also. If its a bit too scary to knock, put a letter in their mail box. Don't get paralysis by analysis. Don't spend too much time thinking about the details. Its always scary in the beginning. Just have a couple of your questions ready and Just do it.  Trust me, you'll live. I'm an investor in nyc. I started with wholsaling realestate. If you need help just call me9179129548

I door-knocked  a house that was about to go to tax sale. It looked rough and she owed about $5k in back tax. She said she had no idea was scheduled to be sold but wanted to move anyway. It was only 3 days before the sale. I signed an agreement of sale, had her sign a deed,  paid her taxes to get it taken off the list and gave her $5k to to vacate. It was worth $50K and it surely would have been bid up by other investors and she would have got nothing. I thought it was a real win-win and she cried she was so happy to get something.

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